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  • Ann Hanson

    Hanson paints with oils and pastels and is noted for her very realistic and highly detailed works. She paints a variety of subjects and her work reflects her love of the West. She is especially fond of painting horses.
  • Chris Owen

    Chris Owen's working cowboy themes are a representation of authentic operating ranch activities. He paints predominantly with gouache.

  • Craig Tennant

    Craig Tennant has been involved in the art world since 1967. After moving West in 1989, he began to concentrate on his fine art oil paintings and his talent quickly gained national recognition.
  • Donna Howell-Sickles

    Growing up, Texas native, Donna Howell-Sickles'  ranch provided the first inspiration for her love of nature &  animals.  She decided to become an artist in college and since that time, her art and her family have been the center of her life.
  • Doreman Burns

    Western Art by Doreman Burns
  • Frank McCarthy

    Frank McCarthy (born 30 March 1924 — 17 November 2002) was a prolific American artist and realist painter renowned for advertisements, magazine artwork, paperback covers, film posters, and paintings of the American West.
  • Jason Rich

    Jason Rich rides alongside cowboys working the corrals or packing through the mountains then combines experience, imagination and research to depict authenticity of the cowboy way.
  • Jim Rey

    Having grown up in a ranching family, Jim Rey naturally loves working with horses and cattle. Jim's paintings tell the story of cowboys as living remnants of a bygone era. The stories he paints are both his own and those of the people and places he knows and loves.
  • June Dudley

    With a combination of impressionism and realism, the artist’s favorite subjects have become landscapes. Using a colorful palette that brings the viewer into her scenes, Dudley also favors figurative pieces that often include her grandchildren, other family members, and close friends.
  • Karen Noles

    Noles’ oil paintings feature the domestic life of the 1800’s Native American.  Noles spends hours researching each painting, collecting reference and museum books on early Native American life and visiting museums to photograph their exhibits.
  • Loren Entz

    The paintings of Loren Entz reflect many things - his love for beauty, simplicity, grace, gentleness, and a timeless, personal relationship between his subjects and the world. Entz’ art captures the heart, soul, and beauty of his subjects and their environment.
  • Michael Swearngin

    Michael’s fluid acrylic paintings create unique imagery inspired by the rugged spirit so vividly seen in the west.
  • Morten Solberg

    Morten E. Solberg is acknowledged as a Master Artist. He is versatile in all mediums. He paints in oil, acrylic and watercolor and his techniques range from photo-realism to total abstraction.
  • Paul Cameron Smith

    "As long as I can remember, I have been attracted to the romance of the West. The wide open spaces and the simple country lifestyle has always appealed to me. As a young boy of 5 years, I remember visiting Texas for the first time. It was then that I began to visualize the art that I am producing today." ~Paul Cameron Smith
  • Terrance Patterson

    In 1979 Terrance Patterson retired from a full time job as a Commercial Artist and Exhibits Designer. To him, art was a way of life and gave him a way of expressing himself. His comments on his profession, "I have been drawing and sculpting for as long as I can remember, and I want to pursue my real love, sculpture exclusively."  Terrance developed a business in affordable art castings made in Foundrystone, which are sold and shipped world wide. Although, Terrance passed away in 1991, his wife and youngest son Todd still maintain this business.
  • Terri Kelly Moyers

    Terri Moyers has aspired to create Traditional Cowboy Prints and Cowboy Art since childhood. Her natural affection for the West is evident in all of her works.
  • Tom Ryan

    For more than forty years, Tom Ryan has painted the contemporary cowboy. His paintings capture a way of life unique to the time and place, yet universal to those on horseback who tend cattle. Tom was born in Springfield, Illinois, in 1922, one of nine children. His father owned a stable, so young Tom was riding, and drawing horses, by the time he was 7. After high school, he attended the St. Louis School of Fine Art and served in the Coast Guard. After WW II, Tom studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and enrolled in the prestigious Art Student’s League in New York City. For the next eight years, he illustrated hundreds of magazines and book covers.
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